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Dreher has authored or co-authored two handbooks on dietary fiber and one book on complex carbohydrates. Dreher is actively engaged in projects and research related to the role of healthy diets, whole foods, and phytochemicals in health, chronic disease prevention and optimal aging.

Nutrition students and medical students also will find it a useful resource, particularly as they look to augment their lifestyle training.

Dietary Fiber in Health and Disease

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Are You Getting Enough Fiber in Your Diet?

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Dietary Fiber and Health

Dietary Fibre What is dietary fibre? Dietary fibre is the indigestible part found in plant. Although dietary fibre is not absorbed by the human body, it still plays an important role in our health.

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It combines with fat and passes through the body, and in that way helps to lower the body's blood cholesterol levels, and keep blood sugar at a normal level. Insoluble fibre comes mostly from wholegrain foods and vegetables. After absorbing water it expands and becomes soft, which aids the movement of the bowels and acts as an intestinal cleanser. The daily dietary fibre requirement for adults and teenagers should be not less than 25 grams.

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For young children, the daily requirement is equivalent to their age plus five. At present, a universal definition is being debated. In Japan, the generally accepted concept is "the whole components of foods that resist digestion by human digestive enzymes including those of animal origin as well as plant origin. Some parts of the starch are non-digestible.

The role of dietary fiber in health and disease.

Dietary fiber is known to have various effects on the body, and research is ongoing. It is a link for moving within the page.

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