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Europe and the Andean countries: a comparison of economic policies and institutions. London: Pinter, Regulation, deregulation and re-regulation: problems and paradoxes of EU governance. London: Kogan Page, BAHR, Holger. The Politics of Means and Ends. Decision-making in the European Union: implications for central-local government relations.

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Europe as the would-be world power. Deregulation or re-regulation?

Economic Advisory Panel - GlobalVision

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The Eurozone as a Flawed Currency Area

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London: Granada, The common agriculture policy of the European Community: its institutional and administrative organisation. The common agricultural policy: continuity and change. Oxford: Clarendon Press, The common agricultural policy beyond the MacSharry reform. New York: Elsevier, European agriculture: policies, production, and trade. Agricultural policy.

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EU Trade Policy explained

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Evropská secese: ekonomická integrace na cestě k politické desintegraci

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Economic Advisory Panel

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Title Revisiting the European social model s debate: challenges and prospects Authors Whyman, P. Journal Politics DOI Book Title The segmentation of Europe: convergence or divergence between core and periphery? Title Moored to the Continent? Book Chapter. Book Chapter Title Doomed to fail? Title Economy and monetary union Authors Baimbridge M. Title Towards a new economics? Edited Book. Open access. Keywords: first generation theory of fiscal federalism FGT ; second generation theory of fiscal federalism SGT ; transfer payments ; bailouts ; subnational governments ; central governments soft budget constraint SBC ; hard budget constraint HBC.

Export References. Perspectives on Federalism. Impact Factor CiteScore 0. Target audience: researchers, academics, practitioners interested in the field of political, economic and legal issues in federal states, regional organizations, and international organizations at global level.