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Palace of the Peacock

See our Privacy Policy for details. Photo by Maria Nunes, used with permission. The great poet and novelist Wilson Harris died exactly one year ago. Or did he? Like one of his characters, Harris has come back. Why a novel? At the sky, at the sun, at swinging gates, at trees, birds, waterfalls, stars, comets, at dangling nooses, up ladders, and even at houses built on stilts.

‘Palace of the Peacock’ mural unveiled at UG

So, too, do we now look up to these mokos. But as is typical of Harris, nothing is one thing or another. Ostensibly, a band of adventurers are on a quest, journeying through the rainforests of Guyana to find Mariella, a fabled woman, a symbol, maybe a Helen , a patriarchal fantasy figure who turns everything upside down. It is a book-length poem; a rich pelau in which the twins of past and present are blurred, as the Mayans might blur them.

My Academic Space: Palace of the Peacock - Wilson Harris - Critical Summary

Slowly, the novel reveals its secret. Its subject emerges, like the star-studded peacock that gives the book its title, at the very end, making it plain we have been reading a self-portrait in the form of a written mas.

Here is a book that challenges the idea of the novel, turning it into a Carnival of the soul. It seeks now, through this band of moko jumbies, a new audience. And it finds it. Photo by Shaun Rambaran, used with permission.

OT: The Palace of the Peacock – Guyana

Your blood flows faster. Vaughan does not advance to the next round, but fellow band members do. One goes on to win the Queen of Carnival title, another places second overall. Al Creighton, Dean of the School of Education and Humanities, who gave a contextual description of the mural, said that it depicts all aspects of the rich Amerindian heritage of Guyana, capturing aspects of nature, spirituality, the energy and strength of the Amerindians and many other areas. Deputy Vice-Chancellor Tota Mangar unveiled the mural while Vice Chancellor, Professor Lawrence Carrington accepted it on behalf of the university and declared it open for viewing.

At the simple unveiling ceremony the artists were given the opportunity to affix their signatures to the mural. Log into your account Log in for full access to stabroeknews. Keep me logged in. Take a step outside of the ordinary and visit the Palace of Gold, just Originally designed as a home for the founder of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness this unique Palace stands alone as one of the top religious wonders to see in the USA.

Take a guided tour and learn about the history of the community and about the love and devotion that built this majestic place. Marvel at the intricate marble work, stained glass, crystal chandeliers and of course gold! Relax by the lotus pond or take a stroll through our extensive gardens.

The trip doesn't stop there, the Palace is just one part of the greater New Vrindaban community which features a vegetarian restaurant, lodging and guest cabins, gift shops, peacocks and much more. Finally take in the Radha Vrindaban Chandra Temple, a traditional Vedic temple with golden altars and a 40ft high stained glass roof.

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