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He was a profound and uniquely creative Protestant theologian and a prodigious and important scholar of Sufism and Islamic mysticism in general, with a particular focus on the religious thought of Shi'ite Iran. His vision of the unity of the grand sweep of the religions of the Prophetic Tradition - Judaism, Christianity and Islam - is of vital importance for the contemporary world. Corbin taught in Paris and in Teheran and lectured annually at the Eranos Conferences from until his death in He was a friend and colleague of C.

And real. Beautifully written, Cheetham's book gives us a taste for the sacramental value of metaphor and therefore transformation: a splendid reading experience. I will not forget this book. It has subtly but, I suspect, permanently shifted the way I look at reality, the way I listen to language. His book offers the essence of these thinkers as alchemical transformers of being in the anima mundi.

Imaginal Love returns psyche to cosmos: as organ of imag e inging where we embody the angels.

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Imaginal Love is a work of vital imagination, at once personal, formally audacious, penetrating, and richly insightful. For anyone interested in the overlapping open fields of depth psychology and Projective Verse, Imaginal Love is essential.

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Imaginal Love radically reframes the ancient question of the nature of love, in particular as a path for a consciously realized life. At the same time he profoundly engages the paradox that such intensively lived singularity is also the site of non-limiting multiplicity and visionary openness. Tom Cheetham shows the heights that independent scholars outside academia can achieve. His prior work has virtually defined independent scholarship on Henry Corbin. Writing in prose at once lucid and inspired, Cheetham conveys the vision of Corbin into the Persian mystical tradition in ways that kindle reflection on the part of the reader.

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Drawing on extensive knowledge, Cheetham accomplishes what every serious scholar of this tradition seeks: to place the mark of thought upon a living legacy. More, he shows how to go through the portal of the world as symbol to enter the imaginal realms in their intimate autonomy, and develop impeccable trust in their spontaneous appearance as personal images.

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Here, in this writing, we can learn interior listening, discovering the inherent poeticizing action of the word. This beautiful volume goes beyond, way beyond, any of our usual self-serving inclinations and leads us into being servants of the angel of the Earth. Arabic and Persian parallels and arguments with Western thinkers including Levinas, Illich and Jung are set forth clearly and fairly. It seems to me a faultless book. Henry Corbin was one of the most profound and original thinkers of the 20th century and without any doubt at all one of the most undersung — if not utterly misunderstood and spurned —scholars of our age.

There are reasons for this: He chose to express his compelling and sometimes daunting meditations and ideas through the medium of the history and contents of esoteric Islamic thought. This book by Tom Cheetham will be celebrated by all who have known this but somehow felt powerless to change the situation.

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His clear, lucid, profound reading of Corbin, his patient, knowing and sincerely humble voice, will serve to commend and demystify the timeless and urgent message found in his subject. Fadlallah Astarabadi and the Hurufis. Oxford, Oneworld, , xi p. Makers of the Muslim World [Full text]. Book review by Orkhan Mir-Kasimov. Benkheira , C. Mayeur-Jaouen and J. Paris, Les Indes Savantes, , p. Book review by Pierre Lory. The World Turned Inside Out. Henry Corbin and Islamic Mysticism.