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Nothing is where I am used to finding it nor works as I am used to. Also very much resent having to replace stuff just because Microsoft want to make more money out of me. I only use it for internet, using Firefox browser. HW: 2. Maybe just a tablet will support my needs. You might be surprised what your dv7t can do. It runs 10 very nicely. The Windows 7 driver provided by HP worked fine for that. Frankly, I liked Vista very much. I went from Windows 98 to Vista.

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I ran Vista on a desktop with a lot of horsepower, a machine with an Intel Core 2 Quad processor. We got along wonderfully. The dv6t struggled with Vista; it has an Intel Core 2 Duo. The dv6t ran Seven wonderfully and Windows 10 seems to consume fewer resources of processor and memory. Try Lubuntu Linux updates and upgrades also update your software like Firefox at the same time. It will run 10 fine, actually probably better than vista, 10 tends to use less RAM than vista did.

Freezes sometimes even a new PC! When we realized it was Vista we decided just to pull the drive and copy the files, forcing them to upgrade. Definitely not worth repairing. So Vista it will stay. I miss using Windows Vista. I loved the new features that came along with it, like user agent control, and Windows Aero effects.

Unfortunately my laptop died after 3 years of use, so I had to buy a Windows 7 system. Windows Vista did have its bugs, but so did every newly released version of Windows. I use Mac now and will not look back. Microsoft ruined Windows after 8 was released. Its such a shame. Changing to new computer and win 10 Monday.

100 things you need to know about Microsoft Windows Vista

Very, very difficult to change on a fixed income. I suspect Microsoft is behind press reports and planned obsolescence. The reason is that everything they say about Vista, is the same thing they say about Win7 and Win8 and Win95 and Win3. Not a one? How sad! Microsoft wants to promote the idea that they are keeping up with the never ending security loopholes in their still supported OSes, but if you read the fine print, it is only as they are able to find them.

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Since it apparently become no longer practical for Microsoft to get you to switch OSes every few years in order to make lots of money off of you doing that, they seem to be trying to force you onto the in-your-face adware model behind Win Microsoft even no longer allows you to buy MSWord to own as long as you want, you can only rent it for one year before it expires, so I feel that one way or another Microsoft is going to make lots of money off of you, even if they have to scare you to death doing it.

I can use all my old hardware and old programs with ReactOS, unlike what happens with Windows when you upgrade, and all the latest hardware will be supportable because ReactOS is open source and not closed. I agree that Windows Vista is not to be used online.

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Actually, that should be stated about Microsoft Windows operating systems generally — on desktop, tablet or phone. I have one computer running Vista in a dual-boot configuration. Even though I am an advocate of Mac and Linux and have several computers of each kind and I do not use or own a smartphone I still believe Windows XP and Vista are useful in running programs on non-connected PCs. Of course, the average user does not make that distinction, so telling most people to stop using Windows XP and Vista is the responsible thing to do. And I am OK with that.

Vista had a kernel patch update that really helped speed things up to the point of being as good as Windows 7. Vista got a bad rap when it was released because it needed more processing power and memory than the sluggish XP machines people were upgrading on. But Vista did open the doors to Windows 7, which today is the most popular operating system, almost doubling the number of users of Windows I like Vista and I wish Microsoft would support it for at least another 3 years, like they did with XP.

Service Pack 2 came out in Not More customization than 7, especially 8 and I use my Vista PC mostly for photo, video and recorded tv storage and editing. Only Vista and XP would do that. If you're still using Windows 7 after that date, it won't magically disappear from your PC - but it's still very important to take action before then.

Here's why: After January 14, , there will be no more software updates for Windows 7. That includes security updates that keep your PC -- and all of your data -- protected. That opens the door to a host of risks , including viruses. Even with the latest software updates, Windows 7 still vulnerable right now.

It'll get much worse once support comes to an end. It also means no more technical support from Microsoft customer service.

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  7. And if you still happen to use Internet Explorer, bless your heart, support on a Windows 7 device will end for that antiquated browser as well. A lot's happened since Windows 7 debuted in Windows 8 became its successor five years later in , then Windows 10 the current Microsoft OS took the reigns in mid But what about Windows 9?!?! So forget about Windows 8, you'll need to skip straight to Windows And even though it's had its growing pains over the past four years , Microsoft is still making strides in working out the kinks.

    A word of advice, though? Don't wait until January 13 to upgrade, just in case.

    [100% WORK] How to fix - system error on Windows 7 and Windows Vista [2017]

    Something to consider: if you're still using a PC that dates back to the Windows 7 glory days, it's probably ill-equipped to handle a lot of modern software as it is -- let alone an entirely new operating system. So if you have the means, consider replacing your desktop or laptop PC with Windows 10 already installed. If your computer's not that old, plan to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows If your system is good to go, you'll need to get a licensed copy of the Windows 10 software.

    At one time, it was free to upgrade but that offer expired back in July of Things are a little different regarding Windows 7 when you're at work.

    10 things you should do before installing Windows Vista on a computer

    If your business is an enterprise and Microsoft customer, it's eligible for Windows 7 Extended Security Updates past the January cutoff -- but those updates aren't free. It's even more for Windows 7 Pro.

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    Check with your IT department about plans your company might have to upgrade your Windows operating system. Let's face it, not everyone's going to want to migrate over to Windows Just look at some of those questions Kim was asked. But the fact of the matter is, whether you use your PC constantly or just to check email, it's best to upgrade to keep your machine and your files safe. Click here for more on upgrading to Windows I get it -- even if money isn't an issue, it's going to be difficult for some folks to move on.

    Windows 7 still popular among a lot of people from its compatibility with older software and apps, to plain ol' familiarity. And hey, not everyone likes change.