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Evidence for replicative repair of DNA double-strand breaks leading to oncogenic translocation and gene amplification.

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The revision of the World Health Organization classification of lymphoid neoplasms. Mitochondrial membrane potential identifies cells with enhanced stemness for cellular therapy. Metabolic regulation of histone acetyltransferases by endogenous Acyl-CoA cofactors. GalectinCD44 interaction enhances stability and function of adaptive regulatory T cells. Effects of Raf dimerazation and its inhibition on normal and disease-associated Raf signaling.

A tumor suppressor function of Smurf2 associated with controlling chromatin landscape and genome stability through RNF Cellular architecture mediates DivIVA ultrastructure and regulates min activity in Bacillus subtilis. Effect of North Bicyclo[3. North- and South-Bicyclo[3. The impact of dyskeratosis congenita mutations on the structure and dynamics of the human telomerase RNA pseudoknot domain. Comparative analysis of tandem T7-like promoter containing regions in enterobacterial genomes reveals a novel group of genetic islands.

Prediction of clinical outcome using gene expression profiling and artificial neural networks for patients with neuroblastoma.

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  • Caught in the act: visualization of an intermediate in the DNA base-flipping pathway induced by HhaI methyltransferase. The distribution of RNA polymerase in Escherichia coli is dynamic and sensitive to environmental cues. Strong minor groove base conservation in sequence logos implies DNA distortion or base flipping during replication and transcription initiation.

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    Dynamic pressure monitoring in the front-end vacuum systems at the TPS facility Shueh Chin Journal of the Chinese Medical Association Elsevier Taiwan Warfarin accelerated vascular calcification and worsened cardiac dysfunction in remnant kidney mice. Spandidos Ed. Is panic disorder a disorder of physical fitness? Medicinal uses, pharmacology, and phytochemistry of Convolvulaceae plants with central nervous system efficacies: A systematic review Fan BoYi Journal of Lightwave Technology Optical Society of America A multi-point switchable and self-adaptive ultrasonic sensor using fiber Bragg gratings in a fiber ring laser Tian Jiajun Cluster Computing Spinger Attribute weights-based clustering centres algorithm for initialising K-modes clustering peng liwen Journal of Iron and Steel Research International Springer Link Application status and comparison of dioxin removal technologies for iron ore sintering process Qi Shi World Wide Web Baltzer Science Publishers B.

    Does the method matter? Client name has been kept confidential Sleep Science and Practice BioMed Central Changes in the symptom frequency of rapid eye movement sleep behavior disorder according to disease duration Matsuo Masahiro Protein Science Wiley Online Library A multispecific monoclonal antibody G2 recognizes at least three completely different epitope sequences with high affinity.

    Vlad Tocan Brazilian Oral Research ; vol.

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    Effects of chemical composition of fly ash on efficiency of metal separation in ash-melting of municipal solid waste Client name has been kept confidential Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis; Volume 83,Pages ,September Elsevier B. Open Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology; Volume 3,Pages , Scientific research Oocyte quality improvement using a herbal medicine comprising 7 crude drugs Client name has been kept confidential Economic Modelling; Volume 33, Pages , July Elsevier B. Does the use of multiple FTAs force firms to raise local input share?

    The germline TP53 mutation c. Differential androgen receptor expression and DNA methylation state in striatum song nucleus Area X between wild and domesticated songbird strains W. Temporal dynamics of neural activity in an integration of visual and contextual information in an esthetic preference task Client name has been kept confidential Journal of public economics; June 6, Elsevier B. Neuroscience Research; May 18, Elsevier B. Effective three-dimensional evaluation analysis of upper airway form during oral appliance therapy in patients with obstructive sleep apnoea Client name has been kept confidential Journal of Electron spectroscopy and Related Phenomena; May 27, Elsevier B.

    Predominant contribution of L-type amino acid transporter to 4-boronoF-fluoro-phenylalanine uptake in human glioblastoma cells Yoshimoto Mitsuyoshi Advanced Engineering Informatics; Volume 26, Issue 4, Pages , October Elsevier B. Decision-making support for sustainable product creation Client name has been kept confidential BMC microbiology; Volume 13,Page 56,March 11, BioMed Central Ltd Measurement of soil bacterial colony temperatures and isolation of a high heat-producing bacterium Tabata Kenji oral surgery, oral pathology, oral medicine, oral radiology; May 6, Elsevier B. Spiral-structured fixed-abrasive pads for glass finishing Client name has been kept confidential Journal of Applied Physics; Volume , Page , April 12, The American Institute of Physics Publishing LLC Selective magnetization switching with microwave assistance for three-dimensional magnetic recording Terumitsu Tanaka Journal of the ceramics society of Japan; Volume ,Issue 3,Pages , J-Stage Effect of step edges on the growth of Pt thin filmson oxide single-crystal substrates Client name has been kept confidential Global Change Biology; Volume 19,Issue 7,Pages ,July Blackwell Publishing Ltd Canopy-scale relationships between stomatal conductance and photosynthesis in irrigated rice Client name has been kept confidential Brain Research; May 24, Elsevier B.

    Radiological Physics and Technology; February Springer Where should we measure the entrance air kerma rate during acceptance testing of the automatic dose control of a fluoroscopic system? Phosphagen kinase in Schistosoma japonicum: Characterization of its enzymatic properties and determination of its gene structure T. Defining criteria for the introduction of liraglutide using the glucagon stimulation test in patients with type 2 diabetes Kondo Yoshinobu Journal of Archaeological Science; June 1, Elsevier B.

    X-ray radiographic technique for measuring density uniformity of silica aerogel Client name has been kept confidential The Journal of Supercritical Fluids; Volume 79,Pages 84—91,July Elsevier B. Gas recycling in fluidized bed to avoid defluidization for reactions accompanied by decrease in the number of moles Takami Kai Surgery today; March, Springer Water-clear cell adenoma associated with primary hyperparathyroidism: report of a case Murakami Keigo Diseases of the esophagus; Feb 26, Wiley Periodicals Inc.

    Rhythm information represented in the fronto-parieto-cerebellar motor system N.

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    The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers Transactions on Communications; Volume E9 Institute of Electronics,Information and Communication Engineers Study of Dispersion of Lightning Whistlers Observed by Akebono Satellite in the Earths Plasmasphere Client name has been kept confidential Neurology, Psychiatry and Brain Research; Available online 18 April Elsevier Neuronalimmunoreactivity for mannose-bindinglectinaftervenousocclusion-inducedfocalcerebralischemia in rats Client name has been kept confidential Journal of Gastroenterology; Volume 48, Issue 4, Pages , April Springer Clinicopathological features of liver injury in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus and comparative study of histologically proven nonalcoholic fatty liver diseases with or without type 2 diabetes mellitus Client name has been kept confidential Gene; Volume ,Issue 2,Pages ,December 15, Elsevier B.

    Leaching characteristics of lead from melting furnace fly ash generated by melting of incineration fly ash Client name has been kept confidential Earth and Planetary Astrophysics; 20 pages Cornell University Library N-body Simulations of Satellite Formation around Giant Planets: Origin of Orbital Configuration of the Galilean Moons O. Proceedings of the Japan Academy, Series B - Physical and Biological Sciences; , 88 2 Japan Science and Technology Information Aggregator, Electronic Analysis of glycoprotein processing in the endoplasmic reticulum using synthetic oligosaccharides.

    Takeda Yoichi Solar Radiation; Published online: Applied Power Electronics Colloquium; Pages: IEEE Impact of double-loop controller on grid connected inverter input admittance using virtual resistor Client name has been kept confidential Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan; , 85 1 , pp. Preparation of pseudo glycoamino acid and its application to glycopeptide synthesis Client name has been kept confidential Tetrahedron Letters; Volume 52, Issue 48, 30 November , Pages Elsevier B.

    Preparation of pseudo glycoamino acid and its application to glycopeptide synthesis Client name has been kept confidential Progress of Theoretical Physics; Vol. Quantitative analysis of three-dimensional morphology of martensite packets and blocks in iron-carbon-manganese steels M. Connectivity of slip systems between different phases in ferrite—martensite dual-phase steels M.

    Histopathology; Oct;59 4 Client name has been kept confidential Journal of Clinical Bioinformatics; BioMed Central Ltd Mathematical morphology-based approach to the enhancement of morphological features in medical images Client name has been kept confidential Human Molecular Genetics; Oxford University Press Parkin interacts with Klokin1 for mitochondrial import and maintenance of membrane potential M.

    Virtual Reality; , December Springer Interactive 3-D indoor modeler for virtualizing service fields Client name has been kept confidential The Journal of Nutrition; Nov, 11 American Society for Nutrition Consumption of a resistant protein, sericin, elevates fecal immunoglobulin A, mucins, and cecal organic acids in rats fed a high-fat diet.

    Client name has been kept confidential Clinical and Experimental Nephrology; Volume 16, Number 1 , Springer Granulomatous interstitial nephritis associated with atypical drug-induced hypersensitivity syndrome induced by carbamazepine Eguchi Eriko Microelectronic Engineering; Volume 91, March , Pages Elsevier B.

    Stress separation concept for plate buckling strength under flexural-shear and axial force Client name has been kept confidential Bulletin of Kyoto University of Education; No. Pulse width measurement of laser Compton scattered gamma rays in picosecond range Client name has been kept confidential Tetrahedron Letters; Volume 52, Issue 38, 21 September , Pages Elsevier B. Analysis of activity of esterase captured onto an immunoaffinity membrane. Spontaneously immortalized Schwann cells from adult Fischer rat as a valuable tool for exploring neuron—Schwann cell interactions Kazunori Sango Journal of Pharmacological Sciences; Vol.

    Continuous production of hydroxyapatite powder by drip pyrolysis in a fluidized bed Nakazato Tsutomu Reproductive Medicine and Biology; September , Volume 9, Issue 3, pp Springer Successful pregnancy after intracytoplasmic sperm injection with testicular spermatozoa transported only under refrigeration I.

    Client name has been kept confidential Virology Journal; , BioMed Central Ltd Novel antiviral activity of neuraminidase inhibitors against an avian influenza a virus. Analytical expression for the spin-transfer torque in a magnetic junction with a ferromagnetic insulator. Client name has been kept confidential Journal of Nutritional Science and Vitaminology; 58, , J-Stage Quantification of polyphenols and pharmacological analysis of water and ethanol-based extracts of cultivated agarwood leaves. Low body mass index is associated with impaired quality of life in patients with rheumatoid arthritis Wataru Fukuda Chemical and Pharmaceutical Bulletin; Vol.

    The Japanese Journal of Ergonomics; Vol. Concentration-dependent aggregation of water-soluble phosphorus porphyrin in an aqueous solution Client name has been kept confidential IEICE Transactions on Electronics; Vol. Phytochromes A and C cooperatively regulate early and transient gene expression after red-light irradiation in rice seedlings Kiyota Seiichiro Amino Acids; November Springer Transglutaminase 2 and Factor XIII catalyze distinct substrates in differentiating osteoblastic cell line: utility of highly reactive substrate peptides H. European Spine Journal; June , Volume 21, Issue 4 Supplement, pp Springer Hemodialysis-related upper cervical extradural amyloidoma presenting with intractable radiculopathy.

    Okayama Masanobu International Journal of Medical Education; , Creative Commons Attribution Does the instructional quality of community-based clinical clerkships influence students' career preferences? NIRspectroscopicstudy of the dissolutionprocess in pharmaceuticaltablets H. Pyrolysis of amine-intercalated lithium vanadates applicable as an oxygen-preferential adsorbent Client name has been kept confidential Chemistry of Materials; , 23 15 , pp American Chemical Society Role of Acidic Pretreatment of Layered Silicate RUB in Its Topotactic Conversion into Pure Silica Sodalite Client name has been kept confidential International Journal of Clinical Oncology; October Springer Comparison of safety and efficacy of S-1 monotherapy and S-1 plus cisplatin therapy in elderly patients with advanced gastric cancer.

    Preparation of LaRuO3 films by microwave plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition. Karger AG, Basel Electroencephalographic dipole source modeling of frontal intermittent rhythmic delta activity. Anti-obesity and anti-hyperglycemic effects of the dietary citrus limonoid nomilin in mice fed a high-fat diet Client name has been kept confidential International Journal of Hematology; Volume 94, Number 3 , Springer Sequential chemotherapy and myeloablative allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation for refractory acute lymphoblastic leukemia Arita Kotaro Bioresource Technology; Volume , Issue 22, November , Pages — Elsevier B.

    Purification and characterization of a serine protease secreted by Brevibacillus sp. KH3 for reducing waste activated sludge and biofilm formation. EB, No. Accurate analysis of prevalence of coccidiosis in individually identified wild cranes in inhabiting and migrating populations in Japan. Client name has been kept confidential Journal of Radiation Research; Vol. Pediatric Anesthesia; Feb 6 Blackwell Publishing Ltd Neonatal administration with dexmedetomidine does not impair the rat hippocampal synaptic plasticity later in adulthood. Effects of acetazolamide on epileptic apnea in migrating partial seizures in infancy.

    Effect of oxytocin, prolactin-releasing peptide, or corticotropin-releasing hormone on feeding behavior in steers. A case of blastic plasmacytoid dendritic cell neoplasm: Cytomorphological findings of the touch imprint specimen of lymph node. Client name has been kept confidential Letters in Applied Microbiology; Volume 53, Issue 5, pages , November The Society for Applied Microbiology Enumeration of micro-organisms in processed soy products with an automated most probable number method compared with standard plate method Katase Mitsuru The American Journal of Surgery; Volume , Issue 4 , Pages , October Elsevier B.

    Axillary ultrasound examination is useful for selecting patients optimally suited for sentinel lymph node biopsy after primary systemic chemotherapy. Characteristics of temporal fluctuation of the vertical ground reaction force during quiet stance in Parkinson's disease. Large skull metastasis of follicular thyroid carcinoma Client name has been kept confidential Journal of Remanufacturing Springer An Analysis of remanufacturing practices in Japan Matsumoto Mitsutaka Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology; Nov 11 Springer Extracellular production of cycloisomaltooligosaccharide glucanotransferase and cyclodextran by a protease-deficient Bacillus subtilis host—vector system Funane Kazumi European Radiology; Volume 19, Number 12 Springer Effective dose evaluation of multidetector CT examinations: influence of the ICRP recommendation in Matsubara Kosuke Neural Computation 23; Massachusetts Institute of Technology Estimation of Time-Dependent Input from Neuronal Membrane Potential Client name has been kept confidential Clinical and Experimental Nephrology; Dec, 15 6 Springer Reversible posterior leukoencephalopathy syndrome after blood transfusion in a patient with end-stage renal disease.

    Direct trapping and analysis of hemoglobin in flowing fluid using membrane-immobilized anti-haptoglobin antibody.

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    Client name has been kept confidential Orthopedics; Sep 9, 34 9 :e Slack Incorporated Recurrent hemarthrosis after unicompartmental knee arthroplasty. Mixed-mode oscillations and chaos from a simple second-order oscillator under weak periodic perturbation K. Sensors ; 12 2 , MDPI Publishing Objective display and discrimination of floral odors from Amorphophallus titanum, bloomed on different dates and at different locations, using an electronic nose Fujioka Kouki Archives of Gynecology and Obstetrics; Dec, 6 Springer Total laparoscopic hysterectomy in patients with previous abdominal surgery.