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A skillful counterinsurgent is able to adapt at least as fast as the insurgents. Every unit needs to be able to make observations, draw lessons, apply them, and assess results. Headquarters must develop an effective system to circulate best practices throughout the [corporation] quickly.

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Insurgents will shift their areas of operations looking for weak links, so widespread competence is required throughout the counterinsurgent force. Under [corporate] command, they are given access to or control of the assets needed to produce actionable intelligence and manage information operations and civil-military operations.

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Effective COIN operations are decentralized. It facilitates the learning process that must occur at every level. In the end, the host nation has to win its own war.

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Achieving this requires the development of viable local leaders and institutions. While it may be easier for [corporations] to conduct operations themselves, it is better to work to strengthen local forces and then assist them. World globe An icon of the world globe, indicating different international options. Search icon A magnifying glass.

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  7. Group interests and motivations. Means by which groups communicate. The society's leadership system. Source: Army FM It is easier to cut an insurgency off and let it die than to kill every insurgent. American forces committed to COIN are there to assist a host government. No cover image. Read preview.

    10 Counterinsurgency And 'Psy-Ops' Tactics Companies Use Against Protesters

    Synopsis "In Resisting Rebellion, Anthony James Joes explores insurgencies ranging across five continents and spanning more than two centuries. Analyzing examples from North and South America, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, he identifies recurrent patterns and offers useful lessons for future policymakers. All Rights Reserved. Excerpt Insurgency, an attempt to overthrow or oppose a state or regime by force of arms, very often takes the form of guerrilla war.

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