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Depression can make people feel like their minds have completely rebelled against them. From a lack of will to physical pain, it can cause people to function poorly at work, in school and in social activities, according to the World Health Organization.

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Many people who experience depression can also experience symptoms of anxiety. But those factors are just the start. Below, find nine things people with depression know to be true and what others can do to help alleviate them.

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The frustration that comes when someone suggests you can "snap out of it. The hard truth is, depression is not the sort of thing you can just wake up and be over one morning -- and suggesting such may be sending an unsupportive message. According to John F. Greden, M.

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These comments are probably one of the worst irritations. People constantly confusing depression with sadness. It's a common misconception that depression is just a result of being overly sad. But as David Kaplan, Ph. The words that we use are very powerful and it's important to make that distinction. There is no such thing as a little victory.

Depression Can Be Fun

For those who deal with chronic depression, there are no little victories because every accomplishment is a big victory. While everyday, routine motions come naturally to most people, for someone who is depressed, they are much harder feats, explains Jonathan Rottenberg, Ph. It isn't because of great snuggle time under the blankets. It's because depressed people can't bring themselves to get out of bed," he wrote in a Psychology Today blog. Lack of energy means more than your run-of-the-mill afternoon slump. That 3 p.

Similarly, couples' counselor and relationship coach Kim Leatherdale also notes that for men, depression often looks like a lot of doing. Graham says that overwhelming negative thoughts, which often go hand-in-hand with depression, can make it hard to concentrate. About two-thirds of people with depression experience unexplained physical pain, often caused by abnormal brain function.

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Unexplained pain in people with depression is especially problematic because it can prevent patients from getting a correct diagnosis — since many doctors will start by treating the physical symptoms rather than looking into possible mental health issues. This could manifest as feeling miserable and deeply personally responsible when a launch goes sideways at work, even if a huge team worked together on the project.

Studies have found that among people with psoriasis, about 62 percent showed signs of depression, with the caveat that depression can lead to psoriasis and psoriasis can lead to depression — it goes both ways. People with depression often speak anecdotally about how difficult it can be to make their personal hygiene a priority during a bout of depression. While studies have yet to formally link depression with poor personal hygiene, online health community The Mighty has published scores of first-person essays and articles offering advice for how to cope during these periods, highlighting this link.

But if some of the things in this list were familiar, you might want to look into ways to take care of yourself.

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People with depression may start to withdraw and isolate themselves, Serani says, as those negative feelings take their toll on the brain. Plus, feeling alone can make you think no one is there to help you. Another aspect of withdrawal in depression is losing interest in things you used to find pleasure in. Depression is so deadly because all of these feelings can become overwhelming and make you want to give up.

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The condition is one of the biggest risk factors for suicide, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Ironically, once a depressed person has made the decision to end their life, they sometimes suddenly express feeling better, calmer, or more at peace.

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