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The Collins Dictionary of Law has been written with special reference to the needs of legal secretaries, paralegals, legal executives, and business people. Keywords: dictionary, law Dictionary of Administration and Management.

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Banki, Ivan S. Definitions and terms, abbreviations, acronyms, and management associations, both national and international. Los Angeles, C. Vergil, William L.

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Greenwood Press, This dictionary of the correctional system is especially useful because the entries are reasonably detailed and contain a bibliography. There is also an entry of each of the fifty states' systems. The appendix contains addresses for prison reform organizations and prison systems and selected statistics. Johannsen, Hano, Terry, Page G.

New legislation, an invigorated European community and Japanese dominance in the global marketplace have generated a host of concepts and regulations unknown to the business community a few years ago, thus creating a myriad of new terminology and often a redefining of already coined phrases. This edition features them all. It not only explains words in both general and specific terms but also compares them and refers to other similar meanings.

Includes an appendix of useful tables and information. Rosenberg, Jerry M. Rush, George E. This volume also features summaries of nearly 1, key U. Supreme Court rulings affecting criminal justice. An appendix of juried academic journals is included, and a new compilation of Web sites in the field.

Search Group, 2nd ed. Coughlin, George G.. C68 Law Lib. This provides information on key law terminology. JA R63 Ref. This contains information on modern politics. Shafritz, Jay M. Defines words and phrases, laws and court cases, processes and organizations. Yuhuai He, Henry, and M. Elliott, Florence. Harmondsworth: Penguin, E46 UGL. This dictionary contains information on politics. Keywords: dictionary, politics Dictionary of Public Policy and Administration. Each entry indicates the meaning or range of meaning of a word then sets it in context, outlining its application in welfare, in legislation, policy and controversy.

Contains comprehensive information on the supervision of employees and different training methods necessary for employee training. Bothamley, Jennifer, M. I: Gale Group, The Dictionary of Theories provides a one-stop source on more than 5, theories from all time periods. Included are theories commonly accepted as truth, assumptions that have been disproved and principles that have been accepted with reservation. Keywords: dictionary, theory Dictionary of Twentieth-Century Culture. Published by Gale.

Dictionary of Twentieth-Century Culture is a unique new ready-reference series that investigates international culture and the means by which we communicate -- from brandname advertising to classical art, and from the Grand Ole Opry to Carnegie Hall.

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Each volume focuses on a particular culture, with signed entries ranging from 50 to 1, words. Alphabetically arranged entries are concise and easy to access, with enhancements such as maps, illustrations and photos, a master chronology, a glossary and a keyword index. Approximately to 1, entries per volume are featured in this comprehensive compendium of social history. Kurian, George. October A ready-reference encyclopedia that includes short definitions and brief explanations of modern political terms that are used in countries throughout the world. The more than 2, entries are concisely written and organized in an A-to-Z format allowing for quick search.

This comprehensive reference has taken into account emerging nation-state identities, spreading democracy, instant communication and other forces that have created new relationships that require new definitions. Lists general and accepted terms Dejnzoke, Edward L. Lists and defines nearly 1, terms in the diverse field of educational administration Now in its 18th edition, it provides updated information on all 1, federal domestic assistance programs available. Delancey, Mark W. Applies a dictionary format to review African international organizations as well as selected global and regional bodies with extensive African membership.

The work contains entries on prominent Africans who have served with sub-regional, continental, and global international organizations, as well as including reviews of events and terminology associated with the topic. Includes a page introduction to the subject, a chronology, a comprehensive acronym list, and an extensive page bibliography. It covers the labor, employment and training terminology in four languages; English, French, Spanish and German. Johannsen, Hano and Terry, Page G. Over 5, terms covering management in business exploring finance, marketing, accounting, administration, computerization, production, personnel and law.

Schiavone, Giuseppe, 5th ed: Palgrave MacMillan: ISBN: This standard resource is a comprehensive guide exclusively devoted to international organizations and major consultation forums, at the sub-regional, regional and interregional levels, stressing their changing role in the era of globalization. The book gives, in the form of a dictionary, an up-to-date and impartial account of the vast majority of UN and non-UN agencies, providing information and analysis not readily available elsewhere.

Treatment is not confined to institutional aspects but includes a balanced assessment of the problems and prospects of each agency. Ziring, Lawrence, et al. Using a topical approach as opposed to alphabetical , this dictionary gives definitions of terms and a discussion of historical significance found in this work. There is an alphabetical index at the end. A glossary of nearly terms related to psychology.

Rossi, Ernest E. From the Spanish conquest in the early s to the Noriega trial of , this dictionary identifies nearly people, events, movements, concepts, and other aspects of politics,and comments on their significance.

Arranged by topical sections, with a detailed index. Well cross-referenced. No pronunciation guide. Revised from the Latin American Political Dictionary. Greenwald, Douglas ed. Pearce, David W. MIT press, Cambridge. The dictionary answers in a clear and concise way the enduring questions, which economists have considered for two centuries or more, as well as the issues of the moment, such as economic change in Europe, the problems of pollution, or the prospects for greater freedom of trade.

Redden, Kenneth R. R43 UGL. This contains terminology of law, modern legal terms. Oran, Daniel. This dictionary is a guide to legal research. Keywords: dictionary, political dictionary, public administration Safire's New Political Dictionary. Comprehensive and fairly recent dictionary of terms associated with government and politics in the United States. Safire, William, N.

Concerned with the "language" of politics. Plano, Jack C. Much more than a dictionary, the comprehensive information provided for each term qualifies The American Political Dictionary, Tenth Edition, as a reference book. Professor Plano's extensive experience in writing political dictionaries is evident in this scholarly, interpretive, current edition. Appropriate as a supplement in the introductory course in American government.

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Ziring, Lawrence and C. Eugene Kim. Z57 RR. This contains information on political events in Asia. McLean, Iain. Written by a team of leading political scientists from Warwick University, this is the most authoritative and up-to-date dictionary of politics available.

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Chandler, Ralph C. Has extensive cross references and a "key concept" appendix arranged by subject. This dictionary contains information on public policy and administration.

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From grade 7 up, this book contains alphabetical entries that range from a single explanatory paragraph to two-to-three page discussions of constitutional issues. More specifically, it may refer to public administration , the business of administering public policy as determined by government. However, outside France and Romania, this usage of the word is uncommon. For the British sense [ which?

A dictionary of American politics — Part I (GOP Speak)

An older, chiefly Commonwealth usage, is the term "ministry" , as in "Churchill Ministry", which is still in official and academic use in Britain, Australia and Canada to refer the terms of prime ministers. Depending on the type of government, the word coalition may be used for a specific government. In the Netherlands, cabinet is the most-used term as in "the fourth Balkenende cabinet " , although "coalition" or "government" are also used when one does not refer to a specific coalition note that the two terms have slightly different meanings. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about government administration.

For other usages, see Administration disambiguation. Primary topics. Index of politics articles Politics by country Politics by subdivision Political economy Political history Political history of the world Political philosophy. Political systems. Academic disciplines. Political science political scientists. International relations theory. Public administration. Bureaucracy street-level Adhocracy. Public policy doctrine Domestic and foreign policy Civil society Public interest.

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Organs of government. Separation of powers Legislature Executive Judiciary Election commission.