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Familiar Faces The Art of Mort Drucker HC (1988) comic books

A Study in Contrasts. Kevin Nowlan.

Mort Drucker Film by -stephen silver

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Familiar Faces - The Art of Mort Drucker

Words and Pictures. Nothing But Batman. About that Tree 4 years ago. Illustrations by Marjolein Caljouw. My artbooks 4 years ago. Dont discount the power of Drucker to much. Drucker was a much bigger influence in my life much earlier than Levine. Having grown up in the seventies, I cut my teeth on the likes of Drucker and Gerorge Woodbridge.

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Another underrated great, by the way. Nice blog. You write well. I know Scatman Crothers was an orderly in One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest because I can remember him standing at the edge of the opening panel of the parody. No other aspect of the magazine is interesting to me anymore, but those drawings are amazing.

If only someone would scan it all to present all the variety he had in his portraits. And look at all the bit players and supporting actors that he drew as well, who you immediately recognize in the background of his drawings as easily as you do when they have their couple lines in a movie. Link the names to their IMDB profiles.

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There was a 7 CD set made of all the Mad Magazines from its birth until sometime in the eighties. Best study guide ever. His drawings are always precisely on-target.

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I love Mort druckers work more than any of the greats!!! Thanks, all for your comments. Thanks particularly to David for your insightful posts about Drucker which other readers should note contain some choice Drucker art. He was a burlesque artist, who liked to paint jowls and knuckles, brows and cheekbones; his noses look punched up out of clay. His work is muscular and lumpy. About Us.

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