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Some beliee that toads are human sould trapped in an animal body only to be set free when the purpose is accomplished. Such purposes could include a pilgrimage to a holy spot. Gypsy magic is replete with simple rhymes that even children will learn. I have deduced a formula that going from would make something larger. This could be used for luck or fortune. While counting backwards from 10 to 1 would make something decrease. That would be something negative. Gypsies have a neutral view towards witches.

Witches are gifted individuals in magic, what is importatnt is how they use this gift. The view towards Gypsies, witches and Jews in Europe has been one of hostility. Gypsies are oft persecuted and witches have been burned alive based on a mere accusation. Gypsies believe that many objects likes swords, rabbit feet and stone can have a conciousness and life force if attached to a person for a long enough time.


A sword that has killed enough will aquire a spirit. Sea Shell sem to mean alot to gypsies as they are used to ward off eil. In fact they believe that they can hear supernatuiral; voices if they put the shell up to their ear. The view seems to shared by others. Now we get to a point where I diverge from one of his statements.

He seems to believe that Jewish kabbalists believe they could hear the voice of God in a shell. Good fine and well. But he then goes on to say that they had a ritual where they ritually prepared a child's head and skillfully manipulated the childs ear canals to hear a sound. I am not sure if he meant that tehy took the head of a child who had already been dead, killed a child or if the child was still alive. From my knowledge of Judaism I have never heard of this practice. It seems rather far fetched. The author does elucidate that Christians also sacrificed children and maids by building them into walls to make sure the building did not fall.

They Europeans also burned many people alive. Excellent material on Gypsy spellcraft. The work is dated and many points may have been refuted. There are some errors about other groups that I have noticed and there may be others that nhave slipped my attention. View 2 comments. Jan 22, Shari rated it really liked it. Hopped onto Project Gutenberg at the beginning of the year to see their new books.

Charles Godfrey Leland

This is the one I picked and I was super surprised at how much I like it. There were some parts I skipped over, but overall I read it through. There are so many things that you say in daily life that actually originated as spells, incantations, etc. With all the remedies for colds, sickness, disease, bad luck, how would you keep up with it? Nearly all women are considered witches, mostly after a certain age. Jun 16, Anna Portman rated it it was amazing.

A truly great book! I have actually seen a free website that implements some of the methods described.

Catalogue 229: Aleister Crowley

I think it's a great resource with many oracles and card readings. It is continually guiding me in my quest to help others and become a higher spiritual being. Nov 27, The Once and Future King rated it really liked it.

Romani Magic and Folklore

The information and magic is sound. The reason I give it 4 stars only is because Leland was a Racist shit pot who stole Romani secrets to make a living. A thoroughly interesting and at times dark view into beliefs, black and white magic and superstitions of various indigenous peoples of Europe and beyond. The main emphasis still centers in the gypsies of Transylvania and Hungary, but a vast array of other ethnicities are referenced in brief glimpses as comparison.

As this is one of Mr Leland's final works prior to his passing, the text brings forth clearly the long years of research and travel in very elaborate and enjoyable manner - taken that t A thoroughly interesting and at times dark view into beliefs, black and white magic and superstitions of various indigenous peoples of Europe and beyond. As this is one of Mr Leland's final works prior to his passing, the text brings forth clearly the long years of research and travel in very elaborate and enjoyable manner - taken that the modern reader is able to regard the racial and ethnic views of the author in the context of his time.

Definitely a product of its time, racist and misogynist but also touching in its absolute belief in human potential, in the wonder of nature, and in the value of folklore. A source of intriguing legends and spells, but especially interesting for the access it offer to "progressive" views of the late 19th century. Subjugate 5d. Hear 4d.

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Leland returned to America after the money given to him by his father for travel had run out, and passed the bar in Pennsylvania. Instead of practicing law, he instead began a career in journalism. Leland was also an editor for the Continental Monthly, a pro-Union Army publication.

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  • He enlisted in the Union Army in , and fought at the Battle of Gettysburg. Leland coined the term "emancipation" as an alternative to "abolition" to refer to the anti-slavery position. His biography was written by his niece Elizabeth Robins Pennell, an American who also settled in London and made her living in part by writing about travels in Europe. Leland had encouraged her as a young woman to consider writing as a career, which she did with some success. Seller Inventory APC More information about this seller Contact this seller 5.

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      It represents twenty years' collecting of spells, customs, ceremonies, superstitions, fetishes, exorcisms, incantations and usages gathered from living sources throughout America, Europe and the East, as well as from the works of earlier writers, all among the Gypsies, as regards to fortune telling, witch doctoring, love philtering and other sorcery. It is illustrated by many anecdotes and instances, taken either from the works as yet very little known to the English reader, or from personal experiences. More information about this seller Contact this seller 9. More information about this seller Contact this seller Published by Createspace Independent Publishing Platform New Book.

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      Established seller since Seller Inventory IQ Renowned folklorist Charles Godfrey Leland examines the traditions, nature and mysteries of gypsy magic. This edition includes all of the author's original illustrations. The various customs, incantations and rituals of the Gypsy communities in continental Europe are brought to life in this text. The author begins by acknowledging the complete lack of knowledge most people have in the subject, and praises the various gypsy communities for their vast and unrivaled contributions to magic, predicting the future, and medicinal cures and philters.

      Methodical and well-informed, the author charts a vivid chronicle through centuries of gypsy traditions.

      Gypsy Sorcery and Fortune Telling

      Beginning with the affinity of the travelling peoples with sorcery and witchcraft, Bullinger proceeds to discuss the charms and magicks which gypsies would produce or perform - exorcisms of evil spirits, protection of livestock, and recovery of stolen items are some of the reasons behind these unusual practices. Travelling widely throughout life, Charles Godfrey Leland investigated all manner of esoteric things. He authored many books concerning the traditions, legends and practices of Europe's peoples. Commended for unearthing obscure writings of yore, his encyclopedic knowledge and great ability to present esoteric lore to a popular audience, Leland's researches are widely appreciated to this day.

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