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Presents basic design requirements and principal dimensional data for the buildings addressed, as well as succinct guidance on how to use the information and what regulations may require the attention of the designer. Seeks to explain the principles of architectural design from a fundamental rather than aesthetic perspective. The handbook also covers broader aspects of design such as materials, acoustics and lighting, and general design data on human dimensions and space requirements.

Replaced by 4th edition , updated in reference to the latest construction standards and new building types, and sustainable design has been integrated into chapters.

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This document is part of a larger document, Metric Handbook - Planning and Design Data, which has been split into parts for ease of use. Supersedes the edition. Edited by David Littlefield. Architectural Press was originally an imprint of Elsevier.

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Metric Handbook

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    Metric Handbook: Planning and Design Data 6th Edition

    It is a sourcebook off the starting blocks, would be unwise to rely on it to detail an which aims to provide architects, and students of architecture, entire building. It seeks to explain and present the principles practice are constantly evolving, and users of this book should and protocols of architectural design based on proven best regard it as one important resource among many. The Metric Handbook is a source- This 3rd edition represents a major revision of the book.

    There book to be relied on as good first place to look for data - a volume are brand new chapters, covering masterplanning, whole life cost- to be reached for, annotated, written on and book-marked by ing and inclusive design, while the book also recognises that design teams getting a project off the ground. It is a book of computers and CAD are now part of normal life.

    This is a book that tells not the whole story been mildly adjusted while some have been left alone. The com- no book ever could but one which acts as a companion to pleted book therefore represents a balance between the time the wealth of documentation heavy enough to make any library required to update the detail and the need to actually publish. It shelf sag. We ask readers to forgive For the practice moving into new territory, for the student, or for any omission or inaccuracy. This update represents a considerable amount of work from a large All the writers of the new and revised sections within this book number of architects, engineers and academics, and heartfelt are credited at the top of their chapters, but it is worth mentioning!

    Thompson who spent many days on this book when they could There will inevitably be people who have helped in the.

    Planning and Design Data, 6th Edition

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    Part 0 - Contents, preface and acknowledgements. Flag for inappropriate content. For Later. Related titles. Carousel Previous Carousel Next. Part 6 - Master Planning and Urban Design.