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Since their government has released 60, accused genocide attackers from prison.

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According to the author, the backlog of cases would have taken two centuries to sort through. To wit: a smattering of lawyers and judges remain, innumerable Hutus are in exile and the landscape remains a forensic nightmare. One can only imagine how mortifying it would have been post-Holocaust for Goebbels to have run the local newspaper next to a synagogue. Or Mengele running an outpatient clinic next to the kosher bakery. As We Forgive posits that one may discover hope in a people who forge lives anew, despite the breathing reminders of their nationwide massacre.

The goal is to create a place for the guilty to offer apology, some form of restitution — such as build homes for survivors — and vow comprehension of their crime. Many have participated. The author lauds such gestures. To say such implies a lack of courage, or even laziness, on the part of they who seek justice.

Emmanuel Katongole

As noble as it is to forgive, the truly brave man willingly owns up, and rightly pays for his misdeeds. The author speaks of an apparent national rapprochement, a country working together once again. Did they have much choice? Yet, Holocaust survivors — very few of whom forgave their tormentors — never took justice into their own hands. Until his death recently, Simon Weisenthal hunted Nazis for prosecuting, never offering an inch of forgiveness, for which he was never criticized.

Yet, scores were murdered by fellow churchgoers. But clergy locked them in to allow the militia to lob in grenades or fire bullets through windows. Clergy turned a blind eye or became willing executioners. One Fr.

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Wenceslas Munyeshyaka handed over refugees in his care when the authorities came for them. So too, Fr. Athanase Seromba consented to bulldozing his church, with 2, souls trapped inside.

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Nonetheless, one burning question is addressed: How does is the reputation of Christianity rebuilt in light of genocidal complicity? Gordon is a freelance writer in Toronto. Comments 0. There are no comments posted here yet. Leave your comments. Posting comment as a guest. Sign up or login to your account. Find out more at jonathanwilsonhartgrove.

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Thursday of Easter week, , the most Christianized country in Africa became home to the continent's worst genocide. Rwanda, often idealized as the model nation for evangelism in Africa, descended into tragic darkness as Christians took up arms to kill other Christians, leaving over a million dead over days. Emmanuel Katongole raised by a Hutu mother and Tutsi father describes how the Rwandan Genocide is a reflection of the deep brokenness found in the Church today - not solely in Africa, but in the West as well.


Katongole helps us to understand how and why tribalism has unfortunately become an unquestioned feature in Christian practice today. He believes that by looking at what happened and why, we can find hope for the global body of Christ, and develop a Christian identity that bears witness to the hope of the Gospel and the peace of Christ. Related Products. The Community of the King Howard A.