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Keep an ear out for scary stories from peers and siblings. Be careful about using scary words.

Preparing For Your Child's First Dental Visit | Dental Care Group Kids

Read your child a story about a character that had a good dental visit. Ask the dental office for suggested reading.

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  7. This could include such topics as home care, injury prevention, diet and snacking, fluoride and tooth development. Give your child some control over the dental visit. What we offer Services. Pediatric Dentistry more info.

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    4. Preventative Dental Care more info. When you are considering a change and want to transition out of your current dental practice, there are several things to think about and to prepare in the months before you sell which will add more value into your dental practice. Your practice website should have plenty of valuable content and educational materials for your patients and prospects. It stands to reason that a dental office that employs the such technology will attract patients who also use technology.

      Those new patients will bring their children and tell their friends and neighbors.

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      Likewise, your dental practice needs to be an active presence on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, with a Facebook home page and regular Tweeting. This will keep your practice top-of-mind for potential and current patients. The professional and warm look and feel of your physical space are also important.

      The Ultimate Advice When Selling A Dental Practice

      Check with an interior decorator who specializes in office spaces and inquire about a free consultation. This business strategy should address ways to attract new and inactive patients, to encourage referrals from current patients, and to partner with employers and dental insurance companies to refer patients to the office.

      Preparing Your Dental Practice For Accreditation

      Andrew can help you with this plan, along with the following:. The first, and most obvious, is that we are able to monitor the health of their new teeth as they come in.

      Shadowing a Doctor

      As you prepare your child for their first dental visit, you may begin to wonder what you can expect during their appointment. The first dental visit is often very brief and gives your child an opportunity to meet their dentist in a friendly, non-threatening way. This helps get them acquainted and can help calm your child before their dental exam.