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Then the sound of a door creaking open is heard, followed by footsteps entering her hiding place. Her son, 6-year-old Dylan Hockley, was killed in the Sandy Hook shooting.

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Hockley said Sandy Hook Promise puts out a new PSA at the start of every school year to teach people that school shootings and gun violence can be prevented. The PSA fits Sandy Hook Promise's mission to empower America's school kids with tools so they can look after themselves and their peers. Asked if she was surprised that the latest mass shootings in California, Ohio and Texas hadn't spurred Congress to act on gun violence, Hockley said the conversation around guns is slowly changing.

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A lot has changed since Sandy Hook," said said. The conversation continues to happen. More people are getting involved. Legislation is available in Congress right now that can start to chip away at these acts of violence. Prevention, plus legislation, that's the cure to this. She adds that a universal background check bill that passed the House but is stalled in the Senate isn't controversial legislation.

She feels the people want it so Congress should respond.

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She remains confident that the work that Sandy Hook Promise and others are doing to address gun violence can reverse the "new normal" in America's schools. I absolutely know that we can prevent this," she said. We just need to keep chipping away. We have enhanced our lessons with support materials to help you bring the good news of the Gospels to your children each week.

You will find assessments for each lesson and unit, weekly review templates, timely printables to use in class or send home with your children, links to videos that coordinate with the lesson topics, and more. Unit Overviews.

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For each Unit, the editors present an overview of every lesson. They talk about stories, activities, and current event topics in the lessons and offer ideas to help prepare to present the lessons. Click on the level at the bottom of the page to access the Webinar Overviews for each unit. In English and Spanish See prior units here.

Program overview. It covers all the components—walking through highlights of the Teaching Guides and how the Catechism handbooks connect to each lesson. You will learn how the Pflaum Gospel Weeklies have a focus on the connection to family faith as well as the material in the student lessons, and see many of the online support materials such as weekly and unit assessments, plus weekly videos, and other supplemental activities.

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Teaching guides. Online copies of teaching guides are perfect to share with substitute teachers, teaching assistants, or to replace your guide if you happen to misplace it. Click on the level at the bottom of the page to access the Teaching Guides for each unit. See samples of student lessons and how they work with the Catechism handbooks here.

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Back to School Prayers. Start the — with prayer services for catechist training and welcome sessions for elementary and middle-school students. Leader guides and student handouts available. Seasonal Activities. We also provide these seasonal resources to enhance and reinforce your lessons in class or at home. Resource Manuals. Includes information about how children learn, creating a positive learning environment, praying with children, and much more. Click on the level at the bottom of the page to access the Resource Manual for each unit. These assessments available for grades are provided in two formats — PDF to make duplication simple and Word if you wish to personalize them to your needs.

A faith formation program centered on the Sunday liturgy that is engaging, easy to teach, and involves the family. You will receive timely teaching resources and links to additional classroom and at-home activities.