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Malaysia announced it's canceling its visa-free agreement with North Korea, though that will only impact North Koreans seeking to enter the country for 30 days. According to Sung Wuk Ahn, a professor of international relations at the University of Malaya, there are around 1, North Koreans, including coal miners, working on special visas in Malaysia. University of Malaya senior lecturer Geetha Govindasamy told The Star newspaper the new visa requirements are unlikely to impact North Korea's economy.

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Positive Parenting: What it Takes to Set a Limit with Kindness

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Kurdi dengeamerika. Latin America. Creole voanouvel. Share on Facebook. Share on Twitter. Share via Email. Print this page. East Asia Pacific Alleged N. I look at the oxygen saturation monitor. The eyes are closed. I wait to see if the diazepam will have the desired effect of calming those over-excited, frantically firing neurons. But it goes on. Another 5 minutes pass. This is getting serious. A more junior doctor comes into the bay. He has a perplexed look about him. I think this is her third. It contains letters from neurologists, EEG reports, diplomatic language and couched terms.

But there is no question, these fits are medically unexplained, psychogenic non-epileptic seizures PNES. Everybody has problems. I return to the bedside. And indeed, the strength of the spasms is reduced. She must be getting tired, I think. I stand over her and look into the taut muscles of her face. She is flushed. I prise open an eyelid, hoping that by doing this she will see me and respond. The eyelid slams shut once I release my finger.

But I want to make a connection with the conscious mind I know is in there. But it is a silly question, because I am the most senior person there. And I know that a reasonable proportion of patients with pseudo-seizures yes, a pejorative term, but still widely used among non-experts have a genuine underlying epileptic disorder.

What if this is a real seizure? This could be status. She might need to go to intensive care, to be intubated, to be sedated, paralysed. There is a groan.

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The movements settle. It is over. I make a hasty note, and move on. So much other stuff to do. Fast bleep. Same ward, but I do not expect it to be Susan. It is. The shift is still the right side of midnight, and I am still positive about life. This time I watch for a while, and hold off the sedatives.

I am really worried that this is a true fit. Saturations are now 85; it is hard to do that voluntarily. But is any of this voluntary? At some level surely.

The Limits of Kindness by Caspar Hare -

What experiences, stresses and terrors could result in a young person making themselves have what looks like a genuine epileptic fit? After 10 minutes I relent, and we give a sedative intravenously. There is a gradual softening, slowing of the twitches. The saturations are good now.

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Another 20 minutes has passed. I do not have time to hang around while she regains the ability to communicate and talk. I leave. The lowest hour. My brain craves sleep. In fact, I am sleeping, have been for 30 minutes on a couch that smelling of sweat and grime laid down over maybe thirty years.

That sleep has been interrupted by doctors from other teams coming in, making coffees, shaking cereal into loud bowls, slamming the fridge, but it is at least a form of rest. Fast bleep, level 8: all the goodness that was in me has been left trailing in long, harshly lit corridors. I am now operating at a very basic human level. I will do whatever is necessary to preserve life, but little more. Soon I am standing over Susan again.

I shout down at her, shout her name, try and shake her out of it. Somebody has prepared the sedative, but I raise a hand. The nurses are rightly worried.

The Pig and The Sheep

How many hours until daylight? So much could happen in that time. Between now and then I might be required to cardiovert someone, insert a central line, perform a lumbar puncture. Why is she doing this? I open an eye and stare down into her pupil. I hope she can see me.