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Disraeli entered the House of Commons in , and in the s and s served first as Chancellor of the Exchequer and then as Leader of the House of Commons. After a brief first term as prime minister in , Disraeli regained office in He was credited with reuniting the divided Conservative Party and was instrumental in its development as a modern political force.

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He was close personal friends with Queen Victoria, who made him the Earl of Beaconsfield and reportedly wept when he died. Until comparatively recently, with the exception of a few anti-Semites, scholars have fairly uniformly viewed Disraeli as an admirable and effective, if exotic, British statesman.

But lately, the perception of him as a worthy public benefactor has come under fire. It had no moral content.

Disraeli’s Fiction

Disraeli was the grandson of Jewish immigrants to Britain from Italy and was born in London to Jewish parents. Disraeli knew when and how to invoke his Jewish origins. In December of , soon after his first election, Disraeli uncharacteristically kept his head down while other MPs heatedly debated whether Sir Moses Montefiore or any other Jew should be allowed to hold political office.

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He generally seemed to have little knowledge of, or interest in, Jewish history. Norman Gelb is a London-based historian and author. Disraeli was a politician and a masterful one at that.

Benjamin Disraeli

Of course he viewed people and policies as chess pieces to be moved about. Has any great man who ever achieved success in public life done otherwise?

Disraeli's novel was made into a silent film called Sybil in , starring Evelyn Brent and Cowley Wright. Disraeli's interest in this subject stemmed from his interest in the Chartist movement , a working-class political reformist movement that sought universal male suffrage and other parliamentary reforms. Thomas Carlyle sums up the movement in his book "Chartism.

Book Review // Disraeli: The Novel Politician

There is no critical edition of Disraeli's novels. Most editions use the text of Longmans Collected Edition — From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the novel by Benjamin Disraeli.

For the non-fiction book about Shirley Ardell Mason's treatment for dissociative identity disorder, see Sybil Schreiber book. Novels portal Victorian era portal. Braun, Thom ed. Benjamin Disraeli.